Near end


-Ammo system changed to limiting number of active rockets at once. This turned out to be one of those "small changes" that actually changed the feel of gameplay a lot ( for the better )

-Powerup system simplified due to Ammo system rework

-All levels of the game are now complete.  Roughly three news bosses and 5 new enemy types have also been added in the new levels.

-The game now saves your personal best score, visible after death or completing the game.

-Artwork improvements

-Pause system now grants access to game options ( So you can toggle music off whenever, etc ).


-Tutorial system is hilariously outdated. This will be fixed before the Android release on Google Play.

-Beating the game doesn't have a story yet. This will also be fixed for final release.

-Final boss is a jerk


Windows Version - 0.9 ( bug testing ) 20 MB
Sep 06, 2017

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