A downloadable game for Windows and Android

The is the beta version of Rocket Xeno.

Rocket Xeno is space action "shmup" with a twist: instead of controlling a character to dodge attacks, all enemy fire is destructible and can be intercepted by your rockets. Any enemies or attacks that reach the bottom of the screen will damage you. Think a fusion of missile command and 2hu like games.

Game runs best on Galaxy tablet 4. The game is mostly being balanced/designed around android tablet devices so if you have one give the .APK version a go. Please let me know in comments if it doesn't work / crashes on your device as I only have a few droids of my own to test on.

CHANGELOG: Beta 0.2 -> Beta 0.3

Two big changes come after a break from deving this game, as I felt the gameplay was a bit too convoluted. These changes greatly change how the game feels, making it easier to get into as well as slightly easier to play. It is recommended that players looking for a challenge select hard mode in options->difficulty. ( Yes hard mode is actually beatable now! )

-Big change1: There is now infinite ammo, and players instead can only have a maximum of 5 rockets on the screen at the same time.

-Big change 2: Redid the ammo system into a damage system. Picking up the power ups for ammo now instead increase the amount of damage the main rockets deal.

-All enemies have more health ( This is to balance out the damage system ) The amount of health increased is significantly more in Hard mode.

-Updated tutorial to reflect additional changes and powerups from previous betas that were not included.

More information

Published 1 year ago
PlatformsWindows, Android
Tags2D, 3D, Aliens, Arcade, Shoot 'Em Up

Install instructions

Windows users: Just unzip and run Rocket_Xeno.exe

Android users: Open .APK file with package installer. Dropbox reccomended.


Rocket_Xeno_beta03.apk (26 MB)
Rocket_Xeno_beta03.zip (19 MB)

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